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When You Don’t Know What To Preach

I love to preach. I mean, full out bring it, but some weeks I have no idea what to talk about. It might be that I am in between series or am I am struggling for ideas. If we were all honest, we’ve all felt this and have uttered these words, “I have no clue.”

I have a t-shirt that says, “It’s all good”. My wife hates it but it’s become my motto for preaching. The bible is all good. Everything from Genesis to Revelation (even Leviticus). As I pray, listen, and trust the Holy Spirit; I know that whatever comes of scripture will glorify God and empower students.

Many times I don’t get to preach because I’m happy to just open the altars for prayer so kids can touch the hem of Jesus’ garment. I just get out of the way.

If you really are clueless about what to preach it’s o.k.. Don’t freak. Here are a few thoughts that might stir you.

1. Ask, “What do my students need tonight?” and allow the Holy Spirit to bring to your mind students and some of the struggles they’ve been going through, is there a pattern?

2. What’s happening in the world that our kids need to understand in the context of scripture?

3. Is there a popular You Tube video that needs discussion?

4. Is there a popular song that’s in your head that speaks a deeper truth?

5. Do you just need to turn on some worship music and let kids sit in reflection for a bit.

6. Reflect on what God is doing in your own life. Is there something you need to pass on.

7. Share a story from your life that you’ve never told.

8. Share your testimony. There may be someone new in your group that needs to know how Jesus changed your life so Jesus can change theirs.

9. Ask a student or several to share their testimony or to speak what’s on their heart.

We all get stuck from time to time but don’t be discouraged, God is patiently waiting to lighten your load and give light to your path.

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