Stop “Surviving” Your Youth Meeting

Some youth workers don’t like their main youth meetings. In fact, preparing for their meetings make them anxious. For some, its the pressure to “get it right.” For other youth workers, they have a casual “God will do it” mentality and do not pour a ton of effort into their meeting. This attitude could be…

How Can The Church Make A Difference In The Community: Three Keys

I attended the TRIBE conference this past weekend, hosted by Jeff Goins, and a speaker used an illustration I had heard before. He began with, “What is the the most valuable land in the world?” Several possible answers included the oil rich lands of Saudi Arabia, the gold mines of South Africa, the real estate…

Submerged:How Deep Is Your Youth Ministry?

Would you like to find out how deep your youth ministry is when it comes to disciple making? Submerged Sessions are meant to show you and your students where everyone is at tin the pool. It will show you who's in the shallow end, waist deep, neck deep and submerged/ More importantly, it lays out a process for how to get you kids from the kiddie pool to the deep end of faith. 

Lessons include 

  • messages and slides
  • pool simulation/illustration instructions
  • graphics