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Hi and welcome. If it’s your first time here, I’m Paul and I am the Overlord…no, Emperor?….no, President?…., ok titles don’t matter. What matters is you’ve landed on a page where I feature all my Pay What You Want and Free Stuff to help out all you budget stifled youth pastors. Some of these lessons are one lesson for one night and some are the first part of a series.

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Some of the lessons are the first in a series and some of the lessons are stand alone.

One Meeting Messages

Lost (What does it mean to be lost?)

Unidentified (God Knows You)

Eternal (Focusing on Eternity)

Pharisees and Fake Oreos (Being Authentic)

I Will Find You (God’s Omnipresence)

The Goal Line (A Goal Setting Exercise)

The Lord’s Prayer (An Interactive Guide)

Don’t Miss Your Moment (Distractions)

Hidden In Plain Sight (Don’t Miss God)

Caught InThe Act (Good Deeds)

Two Week Messages

The Church Within (becoming the model church)


Christmas Reveal Party

Thanksgiving Responsive Reading

Three Cups (Easter, or anytime)

Father’s Day


Team Dice Spice

First In A Series

What Are Your Living For Lesson (Idols). / Live. Breath. Be Series

Challenge Accepted Lesson (Following Jesus) / Challenge Accepted Series

Just for you

Book Bytes Journaling Experience

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