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Christian Rapper Manafest’s EP: No Stranger To The Pain Review

I’ve been a fan of Manafest’s work back to Glory. Manafest has evolved over the years and TFK’s Trevor McNevon has been a big part of the that evolution.

Manafest’s latest offering, “No Stranger to the Pain,” delivers a powerful blend of hip-hop beats, introspective lyrics, and unwavering faith. The EP delves into personal struggles, seeking solace and strength in God’s presence.

I recently wrote a Bible Study for the song Help for my youth group taking a deep dive into Manafest’s lyrics and scripture to help students ask for help when they need it. If you sign up for my newsletter, the lesson comes right to you.

These are the tracks with a little primer for each on how you might use it with your students. I plan on writing more song studies for the album, so stay tuned.

1. No Stranger to the Pain: This title track sets the tone. Raw and honest, Manafest confesses past hurts and present anxieties, acknowledging that pain is a universal experience. Yet, the chorus soars with hope, declaring, “But through it all, Your love remains.” It’s a reminder that God understands our suffering and offers comfort.

Scriptures: Luke 8:2, Mark 16:9 (Mary Magdalene), Luke 18:38-40 (Blind man shouts for Jesus)

2. Start Again: This anthemic track emphasizes the power of redemption and new beginnings. The verses detail mistakes and regrets, but the chorus explodes with the uplifting message, “We can start again, find a brighter place to stand.” This resonates with the Christian concept of God’s forgiving grace and the opportunity for spiritual renewal.

Scriptures: Mark 5 (Jesus and Legion) I have a series called Start Again if you’re interested.

3. Help: A desperate cry for assistance, this song portrays moments of feeling overwhelmed and lost. The lyrics, “Where do I find the strength to carry on?” resonate with the human need for divine intervention. While not explicitly mentioning God, the song opens the door for listeners to seek their own answer, potentially leading them towards faith.

Scriptures: Psalm 88, Psalm 46:1 Grab the bible study for this song here

4. Cleaning Out My Closet: This introspective track delves into emotional baggage and unhealthy patterns. The verses confess past mistakes and the desire for change. The chorus pleads, “Help me clean out the darkness, open up my eyes to see.” This reflects the Christian concept of repentance and seeking God’s guidance to confront internal struggles.

Scripture: Numbers 32:23, Joshua 7 (Achan), Luke 19:1-1 (Zaccaeus), John 4:1-8 (Woman at the well)

5. Unstoppable: Injecting energy and defiance, this song celebrates resilience in the face of adversity. The lyrics, “They can try to break me, but I won’t be defeated,” speak of finding strength beyond oneself. While not directly mentioning God, the theme aligns with the Christian belief in God’s unwavering support and the ability to overcome challenges through faith.

Scriptures: Deuteronomy 20:4, 1 Corinthians 15:54-57, Philippians 4:13

6. Back of a Church: This introspective finale finds Manafest reflecting on his journey with faith. The verses grapple with doubt and questioning, but ultimately acknowledge the solace and community found within the church. The chorus proclaims, “Maybe I found my peace at the back of a church,” highlighting the role of faith in providing comfort and direction.

Scriptures: Luke 8:39, Psalm 66:16, I have a whole series called Time To Tell to help students share their testimony.


“No Stranger to the Pain” is a powerful and relatable listen. While not preachy, it seamlessly integrates Christian themes of hope, redemption, and reliance on God into personal struggles and triumphs.

The raw honesty and introspective lyrics will resonate with your students regardless of where their faith is, while offering subtle encouragement for those students seeking spiritual guidance. Whether you’re a longtime Manafest fan or new to his music, this EP offers a deeply personal and thought-provoking exploration of faith and resilience.

Listen to the album wherever you listen to music.

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