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This New “Shift” Is Not Taught In Seminary, yet…

The Disciple Project OUTREACH MANUAL

I’m about to reveal a “new” way of youth ministry that’s proven to not only teach about discipleship, but puts your students into an ACTIVE discipleship process!

Even though you may now think this sounds like yet another small group curriculum (and it’s not), as soon as you put this process to use, like dozens of youth ministries have already done…

… you’ll be amazed how much more your students become involved in serving your community, sharing the Gospel, and becoming a disciple that makes disciples.

Not only that, you’ll also see:

  • How suddenly your students shift from learning about the Gospel to actually carrying it out.
  • How fast they invite their friends.
  • How even dying youth groups experience dramatic growth.
  • How effortless and easy the discipleship process becomes — even if you’ve tried small groups, outreach projects, and other discipleship curriculum before.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

I’m going to reveal exactly why relying on youth meetings goes AGAINST the model that Jesus showed us, but before I do you need to know…

…the youth meeting is actually keeping your students from becoming disciples who make disciples.

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What’s the big obstacle that’s keeping your students from truly experiencing the Gospel and discipleship the way Jesus intended?

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After being in youth ministry for 30 years, I’ve come to the realization that the way youth groups meet may be the only difference between those making a large impact on their students, and those who are spiraling down the drain…

So read this carefully.

What’s the big obstacle that’s keeping your students from truly experiencing the Gospel and discipleship the way Jesus intended?

The truth is that replacing one meeting with another type of meeting (but smaller) is not the answer.

The size of your meeting is not what’s holding you back from a life-changing youth ministry…it’s what you’re doing inside your meeting.

Yet others keep telling you, “just follow the XYZ formula” or “just do small groups, that’ll get them to change!”

Or… “You need to think like Jesus.”

Frustrating, right?

Or maybe you hear… “You need to come to our conference and experience something different” or “Kids are different these days”.

Or even worse.. to think these dream-shattering words,

“Maybe youth ministry just isn’t for you.”

Isn’t there a better way to get students involved in discipleship?
Why is it so difficult and frustrating to get students excited about Jesus?

The daily struggles youth pastors experience are painful.

You are faced with one problem after another.

And no matter what you do… you just can’t seem to crack the code to building a youth ministry that actually impacts the lives of your students.

I don’t know if you’re shaking your head in agreement.

But if you are, you are not alone.

Most youth pastors today are trapped in these same struggles.

So… the big question you’ve probably asked yourself, while you suffer in fear that you’re not talented enough to lead a youth ministry that brings in BIG impact, or as you struggle to piece together a process that gets students excited to live the Kingdom-minded life, is:

“Isn’t there a better way to get students involved in discipleship?”

Why is it so difficult and frustrating to get students excited about Jesus?

And the mere thought of trying something new brings up doubts about self-worth, talent, and calling.

And then there’s the even bigger question…

Why do some youth pastors — seem to be able to start up new events and opportunities with ease — despite being fresh out of seminary?

They seem to sit down and pump out services and events (or more) with ease — even if they’re completely fresh to ministry.

While the rest of us clench our fists and shout to the Lord in frustration.

After 30 years in ministry and working directly with youth pastors and ministries of all sizes across the country….

I discovered a method and mindset that once used, will allow you to shift your youth ministry into a disciple-making and community-impacting movement.

What’s the big secret?

When I first started experimenting with this, I was doubtful too…until I personally used it in my own ministry and saw students excited to get more involved and share the Gospel.

The reason why some youth pastors manage high-impact youth ministries with ease…

…has nothing to do with how “good” of a youth pastor they are, how many groups they have, or even their size.

And it certainly has nothing to do with the size of the budget.


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The Meeting to Movement Shift  compels your students to think about church, Jesus and their faith in a completely new way.


The Meeting To Movement Shift is one of the most powerful ways to get your students away from just learning about the Bible and into actual discipleship.

This allows anybody, from fresh-out-of-seminary youth pastors to the leaders who have to take on a dying ministry, the special ability to get students into sharing the Gospel and serving others.

But the problem is, only a small handful of youth pastors even realize the importance of this.

The Meeting To Movement Shift is so powerful — it literally compels your students to think about church, Jesus…even their faith in a completely new way.

How do I know this works?

I’ve seen students who never participated in an outreach before…they had a FIRE lit under them from participating and discovering what God could do through them.

One student prayed with a widow in the church…seeing a NEW relationship come to life through visiting and praying with this woman…

Several students shared their faith with others for the first time… because they were given the opportunity to be a disciple instead of learning more about it…

Outreach events DOUBLED because they were focused, concentrated, and everyone was on board doing the work TOGETHER…not relying on everyone to do their own thing.

How exactly does The Meeting to Movement Shift work?

What is it that makes this shift so incredibly powerful at generating BIG results — even if you’ve never heard of it before?

The Meeting To Movement Shift systematizes the discipleship process into 3 simple steps, which ANYONE can follow to create a large-impact youth ministry.

As soon as you do, no longer are you left wondering what to plan and when.

Instead, you follow the process laid out and by the time you finish, you have a highly-engaging, discipleship-focused youth ministry in your church.

The Disciple Project is an absolute necessity for anyone in youth ministry, or thinking about working with students.

Since The Disciple Project was released to the public, the youth pastors who’ve put these principles into action have experienced DRAMATIC GROWTH in their youth ministries…

Not only has this process boosted my own personal ministries, but ministries of other youth pastors just like you…

The Discipleship Project is an absolute necessity for anyone in youth ministry, or thinking about working with students. The simplicity, while staying true to the gospel, is unmatched by any other student pastor resource.

Things like the youth ministry playbook will take any youth ministry to a whole new level. The biggest way it helped my group was it allowed me to customize it to fit our specific group. Rather than a “one product fits all.” My students love that it’s centered around things they love, and are passionate about. And together we all make our playbook for the year.

Youth Pastor Calera, Alabama

I used materials that Paul had written for my youth ministry. The material was easy to read, well written, easy to use and the teens enjoyed it very much. The goal I had for the material was to encourage the teens to think outside the box and that goal was met.

Dale Sheehy
Youth and Family Minister

This is the “Holy Grail” of student ministry discipleship…

Justin Nava
Cross Waves Church

I can recommend Paul without hesitation. He is a solid thinker, an excellent practitioner, and an all around good guy. I routinely am challenged by what Paul has to say, and, as he can attest, have turned to him quite often for feedback and input on a variety of youth ministry related issues. Paul is an excellent voice when it comes to discipleship in general, and youth ministry in specific.

Andy Banks
Co-Founder of youthministry360

Every Youth Pastor should have this book.

Johnny Jernigan
Pastor and Evangelist

As you can see, The Disciple Project is proven to work for any and all youth ministries, including small churches, plants, home groups, and even the non-church affiliated!

So I know this begs the question….

Why Haven’t You Heard About This?

I know you’re asking yourself…

If The Meeting To Movement Shift is so powerful, why haven’t you heard about it? Why aren’t more youth pastors using The Meeting To Movement Shift to impact their city with ease? Why aren’t they implementing this in their youth ministry every time they’re called to a new church?

Why isn’t this SHIFT taught to every single youth pastor in seminary — if it is such an easy and effective way of discipleship?

The answer is simple… 

It’s different.

This is not the typical youth meeting you grew up with.

And instead of learning and experimenting with something new (even when it is as effective as this is)…leaders are hesitant and parents are doubtful.

I get it. But here’s the deal…

To get new results you have to act in a new way.

Most youth ministries CANNOT impact their community becuase of the way they hold their youth meetings.

What exactly does that mean for youth pastors?

It’s time to stop pitching discipleship and start living it.

And that would mean shaking things up…trying something new…

It is definitely much easier would it be just to continue doing the same thing every week…

But are you happy with the results you’re getting from what you’re doing now?

FACT: Most youth ministries CANNOT impact their community because of the way they hold their youth meetings.

Instead of students experiencing discipleship and its effects in person, they’re forced to live inside a box.

Most students today experience church as meeting in a room along with tricks and gimmicks to provide entertainment. They don’t have thoughts of impact and instead have been trained to consume– because that’s easier than doing “real work”.

Have you ever asked yourself why that is?

In my humble opinion, it’s because it’s easy and it’s familiar.

You see, when a book or any other curriculum is used to teach about discipleship, it exposes your students to its truth and purpose, but it does NOT, I repeat, it does NOT get your students to experience discipleship on a personal level.

Like a bandage, all the discipleship curriculum you’ve tried only covers your surface level pains.

But does nothing to address the deep rooted issues that are preventing your students from living out true discipleship.

Unfortunately THAT is why so many youth pastors have no clue how to turn students into disciples today.

Heck, some youth pastors even tell me they’ve been “learning” and “studying” discipleship for years, and still don’t know how to make disciples of students!

This is the daily struggle of far too many youth pastors.

And that’s why…

It’s now my goal to remove the veil of youth discipleship with as many youth pastors and youth leaders as possible — because it’s one of the most powerful methods ever discovered.

One that holds you by the hand and shows you exactly how to prepare, what to do, and when to do it…

One that doesn’t just teach about discipleship…

But uncovers a plan for actually putting your kids into action…

One that includes specific step-by-step actions alongside dozens of examples so you can see exactly how it’s done

And I’ve included all this (and a lot more) inside the book…

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“The Disciple Project Outreach Manual”

The Disciple Project Outreach Manual is an easy-to-read book that reveals the Meeting To Movement Shift (the one I personally use myself) to get your students actively involved in and with discipleship.

It takes you by the hand and teaches you the exact structure that goes into planning and shifting the way you teach and the way students experience discipleship…plus a lot more including:

  • The real reason why making disciples is hard within the local church (and how you can turn that around)
  • How the typical youth group is failing students instead of raising them up in the way they should go (and I’ll share with you the mindset that will flip youth group into youth CHURCH)
  • The 5 Core Values of A Disciple that will revolutionize the way you do youth ministry (and make a greater impact on your city)
  • How to prepare your students, volunteers, parents, and church leadership for the Meeting To Mindset Shift (so you can gain their support instead of their opposition)
  • How to teach students discipleship by actively participating instead of just learning (and what this looks like in your weekly services)
  • I will give you a proven schedule to plan out your services so you have nothing to figure out other than when to start (I’ll even answer that for you too…)
  • You’ll see exactly how to document the journey to make every iteration more powerful than the last
  • You’ll discover how to accurately measure your progress in your ministry so you know exactly how well this works (and you’ll be able to show your leadership the good news too).
  • I’ll give you ONE HUNDRED IDEAS to implement the Meeting To Movement Shift into your own ministry this week.

BONUS: To prepare you even better for the Meeting To Movement Shift, I’m going to GIVE you my 8-part video course: How To Disciple Teenagers.

The Disciple Project Outreach Manual was created to be affordable and accessible by youth ministries of all shapes and sizes.

I don’t want to just give you a book to read…I want you to SEE how this process works, and how well it will work for your students.

  • Lesson 1 : What is Discipleship?
  • Lesson 2 : Five Core Values Of A Disciple
  • Lesson 3 : Programming Around Love
  • Lesson 4 : Programming Around Humility
  • Lesson 5 : Programming Around Holiness
  • Lesson 6 : Programming Around Study
  • Lesson 7 : Programming Around Obedience
  • Lesson 8 : Developing A Discipleship Strategy For Your Youth Ministry

With each video you’ll also get fill-in-the-blank sheets to make it super simple to walk your youth leaders through this exact process.

The Disciple Project Outreach Manual was created to be affordable and accessible by youth ministries of all shapes and sizes.

If your youth ministry has at least one student, then you can start your path to creating a movement in your city.

But that’s not even the most exciting part.

Most exciting part is:

You can lead a discipleship movement – without needing to go back to school or travel out of state for a conference…

It all starts here, with this ministry-revitalizing manual

The Disciple Project Outreach Manual is the #1 way to make disciples for a generation crying out for more.

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My Personal Guarantee

I know for a fact that these resources will be one of the most powerful shifts you’ll ever implement in your youth ministry.

If your youth ministry doesn’t experience an EXPONENTIAL boost in discipleship within 60 days of starting a Disciple Project of your own (and/or you don’t impact your community in a meaningful way), then I’ll refund you every single penny — no questions asked (proof of application is required).

The risk is on me…

And all you risk is making MORE disciples!

The Disciple Project Outreach Manual is the #1 way to make disciples for a generation crying out for more.

Each time your students gather, they could be actively becoming the disciples God has called them to be…

But because you don’t know the Meeting To Movement Shift, you’re leaving too many cards on the table…

It’s time to double-down.

Buy your copy of The Disciple Project Outreach Manual.

And use your newfound disciple-making movement to reach your FULL potential and make a larger impact in your youth, church, and city.