Giving youth pastors the tools they need to make and shape disciples.


Discipleship is the hardest, least sexiest, most frustrating part of youth ministry but it reaps the greatest rewards. 

Too often, youth worker are busy just trying to survive unreasonable pastors, parents, and church members to develop a strategy to disciple kids.

Kids who modify their behavior so they can be accepted within the spiritual community are not a disciples of Jesus, they are a followers of the program.

There are no short cuts to discipling students and that’s why I want to come alongside you with the best ideas, resources and  strategies and give you the best chance of developing life-long followers of Jesus.

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About Me

I know youth workers make an impact, because youth workers made an impact on me.

Growing up, I had three youth pastors who all impacted me in different ways. My first youth pastor led me to the Lord and taught me the basics of faith. The second encouraged my love of reading and gave me a passion to study the Bible, and the third youth pastor imparted to me a heart for reaching out those who do not know Christ.

I married the beautiful Kim Turner from Birmingham, Alabama, and have three great kids – Haley, Bryan, and Jon. We love playing Phase 10 together and eating at Cracker Barrel.

When I’m not doing ministry or hanging out with my family, I can probably be found creating resources for youth leaders. Outside of running The Disciple Project, I’m usually rooting for the New York Giants and the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

I have been serving in youth ministry for 30 years and spend my days writing for and training youth workers JUST LIKE YOU.

Paul has been a member of the interlinc WriteGroup for many years. His contributions to this very important “think tank” and curriculum development team have been extremely creative, on-time, and expert as it relates to users of our resources (ie those who work directly in ministry to high school and middle school students). Paul’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

Allen Weed
Owner of Interlinc

I used materials that Paul had written for my youth ministry. The material was easy to read, well written, easy to use and the teens enjoyed it very much. The goal I had for the material was to encourage the teens to think outside the box and that goal was met.

Dale Sheehy
Youth and Family Minister

Paul is an imaginative, creative and high energy leader who has designed some extremely workable materials for taking Christian teens to the next level in discipleship. Inventive, Biblical, insightful and fun, the Discipleship Project and other resources Paul has designed are worthy of the attention of any youth worker.

Rick Bundschuh
Pastor at Kauai Christian Fellowship

Paul knows his business and is willing to share his experience/knowledge with others. If you work with students at any level, then Paul is a great resource. His website/blog is helpful and thought provoking.

Barry Bridges
Applications System Programmer / Analyst – Lead at UTHSCSA

I can recommend Paul without hesitation. He is a solid thinker, an excellent practitioner, and an all around good guy. I routinely am challenged by what Paul has to say, and, as he can attest, have turned to him quite often for feedback and input on a variety of youth ministry related issues. Paul is an excellent voice when it comes to discipleship in general, and youth ministry in specific.

Andy Banks
Co-Founder of youthministry360, a youth ministry resource provider dedicaed to serving and equipping youth workers.

We love your resources! We have used them for many years and we love how adaptable they are to the events we use them for lock ins, camping trips, Youth VBS, and mission trips.

Tony and Tonia Sousa
Youth Workers

The Disciple Project OUTREACH MANUAL