Do you want to build a successful youth ministry?

It begins with a commitment to making disciples and not just filling chairs.

If you’re looking for an easy, cost free, work free way to make disciples, this page isn’t for you, but if you’re willing to put in the work and takes some risks then read on and find out how you can build a successful youth ministry and make lifetime followers of Jesus.

The Disciple Project

I wrote The Disciple Project to give youth worker a different take on how to make disciples beyond the youth room, maximizing the time you have with your students each week. If you want to engage your community, reach more students for Christ and get your students doing the gospel, The Disciple Project provides you the tools and plans to make it happen.


Let’s talk about what’s holding you back, slowing you down and keeping you and your youth ministry from making lifetime followers of Jesus. The coaching sessions are three months long and new sessions begin January 14, 2020, you can check it all out here or grab your spot here, before it’s gone.

Through coaching, we’ll do a D-360 Assessment of your youth ministry looking at the various relationships you and your youth ministry have within your church and community.


In addition to coaching youth workers to build successful youth ministries, I write lessons and messages that empowers you to empower students to live out their faith week to week. You can check out some of my resources here

Disciple Project Ministries is more than a book, it’s a comprehensive commitment to helping you, whether you’re full time, part time or volunteer, become the best youth worker you can can be.

Thanks for stopping by, please let me know how I can help you build a successful youth ministry and make lifetime disciples in the process.

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