Giving youth pastors the tools they need to make and shape disciples.

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I’m about to reveal a “new” way of youth ministry that’s proven to not only teach about discipleship, but puts your students into an ACTIVE discipleship process!

Even though you may now think this sounds like yet another small group curriculum (and it’s not), as soon as you put this process to use, like dozens of youth ministries have already done…

… you’ll be amazed how much more your students become involved in serving your community, sharing the Gospel, and becoming a disciple that makes disciples.

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Who Is Paul Turner?

I know youth workers make an impact, because youth workers made an impact on me.

Growing up, I had three youth pastors who all impacted me in different ways. My first youth pastor led me to the Lord and taught me the basics of faith. The second encouraged my love of reading and gave me a passion to study the Bible. And the third youth pastor imparted to me a heart for reaching out those who do not know Christ.

I have been serving in youth ministry for 30 years and spend my days writing for and training youth workers JUST LIKE YOU.

Discipleship is an intensive, life-long process. God is the blacksmith, forging us into the image of Christ. The process requires:

The Fire

of trials and tribulations

The Hammer

of God’s Word

The Water

of the Holy Spirit

The Patience

to stay on the anvil

Resources For Youth Pastors

The Disciple Project exists to give youth pastors the tools they need to make and shape disciples.



Check out all of our Free Stuff, created for all the budget stifled youth pastors out there. From messages to games, download some of our Free Resources to use in your youth ministry.



Discover a method and mindset that once used, will allow you to shift your youth ministry into a disciple-making and community-impacting movement.



From Sermon Series and Small Group Lessons to Retreat Devotions and New Youth Pastor Bundles, find everything you need in The Disciple Project shop!

Looking for Something More?

Need someone that will instill confidence in you while challenging your pre-conceived ideas about what great youth work looks like?

Invest in YOUR SELF and your YOUTH MINISTRY!

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Putting Your Failures In Context

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What people are saying about The Disciple Project

I can recommend Paul without hesitation. He is a solid thinker, an excellent practitioner, and an all around good guy. I routinely am challenged by what Paul has to say, and, as he can attest, have turned to him quite often for feedback and input on a variety of youth ministry related issues. Paul is an excellent voice when it comes to discipleship in general, and youth ministry in specific.”

Andy Banks

Co-Founder of youthministry360

Paul is an imaginative, creative and high energy leader who has designed some extremely workable materials for taking Christian teens to the next level in discipleship. Inventive, Biblical, insightful and fun, the Discipleship Project and other resources Paul has designed are worthy of the attention of any youth worker.

Rick Bundschuh

Pastor at Kauai Christian Fellowship

Paul has been a member of the interlinc WriteGroup for many years. His contributions to this very important “think tank” and curriculum development team have been extremely creative, on-time, and expert as it relates to users of our resources (ie those who work directly in ministry to high school and middle school students). Paul’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

Allen Weed

Owner of Interlinc

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