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Halfway is a hidden opportunity

7 · 05 · 24

We’re just a few days away from hitting the halfway mark of the year and I think it’s a good time to reflect.

Here are a few questions I’m asking myself to get my brain juices flowing as I move into the second half of the year.

+ What were my personal goals starting out in 2024? Ministry goals? How’s it going?

+ If I’m not happy with how things are, where do I need to pivot?

+ How has God shown up in the midst of my expectations? What can I be grateful for?

+ Do I, personally, need to grow in order to reach my goals? What changes do I need to make and what needs to remain the same?

In the process of asking these questions I realized, it doesn’t matter whether I’m halfway through the year or halfway through my career, change can happen, if I want it to. If I’m willing to embrace new opportunities.

I live by this quote,

“If you continue to do what you have always done, you’ll always have what you’ve always had.”

Let this sink in.

I am looking for new ways to shake things up without breaking anything.

So, allow my mid year crisis to inspire you; don’t let the past six months dictate the next six months of opportunities God has for you.

Don’t let your first year of ministry, or your 6th year of ministry determine the next 6 years of ministry of life. Don’t let the past decide what happens next.

Don’t shrink back, reach forward.

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