Six Questions To Get Your Seniors Spiritually Ready For The World

In the previous posts I shared how the different ways students could graduate. Now, the gate has been narrowed. Most states offer some sort of exit exam. What is the point of an exit exam?

“to make sure no students graduate or move on to other courses without proving they have mastered what they have studied.”

This begs the question “Have our students mastered what they have studied?” Never mind mastering what have studies, but what have they studied? How do we know if a student is ready to leave our youth ministry?

Christian Rapper Manafest’s EP: No Stranger To The Pain Review

I’ve been a fan of Manafest’s work back to Glory. Manafest has evolved over the years and TFK’s Trevor McNevon has been a big part of the that evolution. Manafest’s latest offering, “No Stranger to the Pain,” delivers a powerful blend of hip-hop beats, introspective lyrics, and unwavering faith. The EP delves into personal struggles,…

How To Plan A Powerful Graduation Sunday For Your Church

This article (expanded), as well as  graduation forms graduation gift ideas graduation service sample and graduation song suggestions (over 40) Are a part of Launching Well: Graduating Your Senior Class In Style resource. If you are not subscribed to the Youth Ministry Round Up newsletter, subscribe now and receive all these graduation resources. Most of your pastors don’t want…