Giving youth pastors the tools they need to make and shape disciples.


Committing to becoming a great youth worker can be scary. You need someone that will instill confidence in you while challenging your pre-conceived ideas about what great youth work looks like. You are probably closer than you think to being great, you just need a push.


I have been working with teenagers for over 30 year and now it’s my turn to invest in you!

I am here to be…


  • A partner to create strategic programs to reach and disciple more kids.
  • Someone to Dream Out Loud With without being laughed at.
  • A Committed Prayer Partner who cares about your spiritual health and well being.


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How Do I Know If Coaching Will Help Me?

It’s a fair question.

Does coaching help everyone?
Not the ones who do don’t put in the work or the time.

Listen to a few youth workers that I’ve helped below
to give you an idea of what I might be able to do for you.

Hear from ryan

hear from ethan

When you sign up for coaching,
you’ll receive:

  1. Two 60 minute video conference calls a month to plan, talk about your goals or just vent.
  2. Unlimited e-mail/text/call access to ask questions and experiment with ideas
  3. Free Resources such as the My Youth Ministry Playbook to help you stay organized, the My Youth Meeting Playbook to help you create awesome meetings and my book Prepared For Impact.

Coaching FAQ’s

Can I afford coaching?

I am moderately priced and have prices to fit every budget. My guess is, if you made a pitch to your pastor or board you could earmark some money for continuing education. You have not because you ask not.

Can I trust you as an expert?

An expert, no. As someone whose built successful youth ministries, and failed a bunch in the process, yes. I’ve youth pastored in several denominations of various sizes and structures. No matter your structure or background, I can relate.

How long does coaching last?

I coach you as you need it. To benefit you and maximize our time, I ask for you to sign up for three months so we can your gauge progress as well as your youth ministry.

Is coaching one-on-one or in a group setting?

It’s your choice, but I believe learning is best done in community. You can learn from other youth pastors and they can learn from you. I try to keep the groups limited to five.

Are there start and end dates for coaching?

I have open seating sessions, which means you can jump in anytime. Coaching begins when you want it and stops when you feel like you’ve learned what you’ve needed.

Do you use a curriculum?

No, you and your challenges are our curriculum. Your questions and goals are the subject of every session. We talk, we laugh, we pray and then we go to work.

How can I
sign up?

Sign up whenever you’re ready to grow your self and your youth ministry.

Purchase your Ministry Minded Quarterly Coaching Package below and let’s start building a successful youth ministry!

Have more questions? Send me a message below.

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