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Top Ten Tuesday Now Exclusive To “Get It First!” Crowd

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Flashback 2010! I am leaving these old posts up because, well, nostalgia. Today, I offer you The Youth Ministry Round Up, a bi-monthly newsletter for youth workers filled with quotes, articles, videos and my version of the Top 10 best in a Spotify playlist. Subscribe today and get the free resource I am offering.

What is the Top 10?

The Top 10 are songs I have scoured from itunes and believe they would be of value to someone’s youth ministry. We are all busy but I know more times than not, we are looking for that extra edge, that song or idea that ties our lesson together. Some of these songs are “Christian”, some are “secular” but with a message of hope, some are quirky, some are weird, some have no point other than to have fun with.

Who is the Top 10 For?

Busy Youth Workers who want songs that make lessons pop or to make a lesson from. Each week these songs come with my suggestions as to how you could use these songs. Some songs are message driven like Sons Of Sylvia’s John Wayne and some are for fun like Renee Fleming’s Endlessly.

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