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My Top 10 Most Listened To Podcast Episodes Of 2021

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If this is your first time here, welcome. I’ve been doing a podcast for a little over five years now and have been fortunate enough to be, as of this posting, ranked the number one podcast among youth ministry podcasts. Whether I was number one or number one hundred and one, I am pretty sure I’d still do the podcast because I love talking with youth worker about how to build a successful youth ministry.

If this is the kind of youth ministry podcast you’ve been looking for, consider subscribing and being a part of the conversation over on our Facebook Group. Enjoy and here’s to 2022.

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#1 Discomfort and Discipleship

#2 The Youth Pastors Rite of Passage

#3 Setting The Right Goals The Right Way

#4 What Does Authentic Community Look Like?

#5 Youth Event Sign Up Secrets

#6 Pushing Through Your Doubts

#7 Confession of A Newbie Youth Pastor

#8 Three Tips For Doing Devotions At Camp

#9 Eliminating The Friction

#10 The Fruits of Youth Ministry

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