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Youth Ministry…but Why?

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It is so easy to get caught up in our job of youth ministry and all but forget why we do what we do. I recently read an article by Lisa Earle Mcleod called Why Purpose Matter: Four Business Reasons and One Emotional One, and one quote, which deals with a biotech company and it’s sales people, really caught my attention.

The salespeople who were product-focused or who wanted to win the trip did OK. But the salespeople whose clearly articulated purpose was to heal people consistently sold more than everyone else.

Is our purpose to build a great youth ministry or to help people? (the latter could lead to the former but not the other way around)

Ask yourself

Why did I preach what I preached last week?

Why will I preach what I will preach this week?

Why do I have our youth meeting on this night?

Why do I work so hard?

Why don’t I work hard enough?

Why are we taking this trip, going to that camp, having this meeting?

Asking why is scary, like pulling at threads with the chance that our whole idea of something will come undone. Maybe it needs to come undone.

Find your purpose in something takes time. It takes years of asking why. Asking why could change everything you do.

Ask “WHY?” anyway.

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