As youth pastors we are faced with handing problems from time to time. The questions we have to ask is

1. Who’s problem is it?

2. Who should handle it?

I was recently dealing with a situation where it was suggested we ask out Pastor to get involved in situation. I replied with, “It’s not his problem”. And it wasn’t. There was no need for him to get involved. One of my roles as an Associate Pastor is to keep things off my Pastor’s plate so he can do what he does.

The case I mentioned above had to do with two families having an issue with their kids outside of church. It has had not impact on our youth ministry or church. Too often, people in the church want the church to deal with issues that they themselves should deal with. That is not to see that we cannot be impartial mediator but if it keeps people from stepping up, praying through the situation, and then being obedient to the Word and the Spirit,  and ultimately doing the right thing, we should let them handle it .

Motto: Handle problems at the lowest level

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