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What If Your Youth Ministry Didn’t Exist?

3 · 09 · 24

If the past is hanging over your head and giving you the blahs, consider this question, “What If Your Youth Ministry Didn’t Exist?”

Who would not have been ministered to?

Who would not have been reached?

Who would not have been prayed for?

Who wouldn’t have found Christ?

Who wound’t have found their “place”?

Think about this, your youth ministry may not have reached the masses but you reached somebody and that somebody is glad you did.

Now, place yourself in the present, and you have a chance to reach students that no one else will reach.

You can’t assume they’ll just find another youth group, they may not. That’s why you and your youth ministry are important.

It’s not that your youth group is the end all be all but you are leading your youth ministry in your town for a reason. Don’t beat yourself up on what you didn’t do or haven’t done, focus on what makes you and your youth ministry unique.

Don’t compare. You’re never going to be that other youth ministry down the street so start being the best you can be and reach the kids who don’t want what’s down the street, they want what you offer and the way you offer it.

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