I heard this morning about an older man, I knew from a former church, passing away. He had lost his wife many years earlier and never remarried. He was a godly man and will be missed. What I’ll miss about him, and men of his generation, was his resolve.

Resolve is a word I like. Like the meaning itself, it’s a firm word, it sounds like a word that has meaning and depth.

This man who passed away had resolve.

He had resolved  that his wife was gone but life moves on.

He resolved that life was still worth living.

He resolved that God was still good.

He resolved that marrying another, right or wrong, was not an option.

In a world that wants us to constantly give way;  I want, I need,  more resolve not less.

To make our way, we must have firm resolve, persistence, tenacity. We must gear ourselves to work hard all the way. We can never let up. Ralph Bunche
The world is raging sea of ideas beliefs, ideologies, and philosophies. Resolve is our anchor.
God’s word is Truth.
Prayer is effective and powerful.
People have worth and value.
My life is worth something.
I have purpose, therefore, I have hope.
Lay your beliefs out before you. Choose which are important, valuable, and you cannot see yourself living without, then be resolved, set, immovable, in living out those beliefs and principles to their fullest.




Your Turn
What are you resolved about?
What is the difference between being resolved and being hard headed or narrow minded?



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