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Things Youth Pastors Should Quit Saying In 2023

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I asked youth pastors the question, “What should youth pastors quit saying in 2023?” and these are their responses. I had no idea what half of them meant, and I think that was a good thing; so I for the benefit of all, I give a brief definition.

  • Tweekin – high on a substance (red bull, right?)
  • Goblin Mode (greedy and self-indulgent)
  • “We just have to love on these kids”

There is a debate on whether this is an appropriate phrase or creepily worded phrase. What do you think? Leave comment. 

  • Let’s have a lock in (agreed, we have to quit saying this to avoid pain and suffering)
  • Answering ‘Nacho Libre’ for film suggestions ( I like this movie) 
  • “If there’s 100 students I’ll eat the world’s hottest gummy bear”

Are these kinds of challenges all hype and no substance? Yes and no. I think youth pastors who use challenges like this can build community, but not sustained growth without a backend discipleship strategy. 

  • “Vibes”- feelings
  • “no cap” – no limit
  • “the smoke” – you don’t want my smoke (abilities, etc.) 
  • “Big church” 

I agree with this 100%. We have to stop dividing the church into silos and commit to calling children and youth The Church and should never treat as a of lesser value of it by way of budget or attention. 

  • ‘My smoking hot wife’ – 

Yes, please stop objectifying your wife. How about “my brilliant, creative wife”?

  • Bet – like, “bet I do it” 
  • Lit – exciting and fun
  • Low key fire – Someone subdued on outside but secretly fired up on the inside
  • “Purpling” – boys (blue) and girls (pink) “mingling”
  •  “in the original Greek/Hebrew …”

I see nothing wrong with this unless a youth pastor is trying to flex that A they got in Hermeneutics. 

  • “Where’s everyone at? Looking kinda small on attendance today”

Please, yes. Focus on the students who are there and praise them for their commitment to showing up. The focus on numbers is the youth pastor’s insecurity, not the students. 

  • That’s dope! – cool 
  • “So I was watching TikTok the other day” 

If you don’t over use it I’m ok with it. I don’t watch Tik Tok so I’m not in danger here.

  • That’s not my job – say it louder for those niche youth pastor 
  • Church Clap – if you know, you know. 
  • “Pizza Guy”- 

According to urban slang “an annoying, late teen student with medium brown hair .” 

  • Daddy God – if that’s your jam, ok. 
  • if you fill up this room. I will shave my beard. – see hot gummy bear
  • Sheeeesh – an expression of disbelief
  • On fleek! – extremely good, attractive, or stylish.
  • yo yo yo it’s your boy – I’d win this in Never Have I Ever (game) 
  • what’s a good movie to show my students <—–this one is mine
  • I’m quitting (This is the best one)

Do you have a phrase or word you wish youth pastors would quit using? 

Would you like to see any of these words or phrase stick around? 

Are guilty of any of these?

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