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Songs You Might Want To Add To Your iTunes Wish List

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Every Tuesday I scan iTunes looking for new songs, motivation, and inspiration. This morning I thought I’d share what lit my fire this morning.

Fan The Flames – Dustin Smith (anything with fire get me going)

Te Amo – Israel and New Breed (anything with T-Bone works for me.)

Mighty Fortress– Jesus Culture, Mary kat Ehrenzeller (She kills this)

I Won’t Settle – Nate Ward 11 (this will show up in a youth meeting message)

Can’t Have My Soul – Je’Kob (putting the devil and the world on notice)

Come To The River– Rhett Walker Band  (just buy the whole album)

I’ll Fly Away– Flatfoot 56 (f you are looking for a punkish version of this songs, and who isn’t, this is for you. It has


Here I Am Alive – Yellow Card (I like the pop vibe and the message)

Live Like A Warrior– Matisyahu (It’s infectious. Makes me wonder if he’s been hanging with Toby Mac LOL)

Never Gonna Give It Up – Jett Black  (My nod to 80’s style metal/rock, it;s probably the only good song on the album, ok,

Raining Rock is pretty good too)

To All My Family and Relations– Spirit Family Reunion (if you like it folksy/country/laid back, this is for you)

That’t it for now. Did this help you find some new music you can’t get out of your head? Don;t have time to scan the Ituniverse and this helped you out? Let me know and maybe I’ll bring you a new batch of tunes next week.







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