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I am not a Radiohead “fan” but I’m always intrigued by their music. It’s moody and reflective and worth taking a listen to. I saw their new video Burn The Witch  pop up and immediately saw he connection to  Nicolas’ Cage movie The Wicker Man. Not his best or worst but a disturbing movie none the less.

Stay in the shadows

Cheer at the gallows

this is a roundup

this is a low flying panic attack

sing the song on the jukebox that goes

Burn the witch

Burn the witch

Here’s my take.

Someone has to be sacrificed in order for our ideology/theology/philospsphy/or political bent to be valid right? There must be an enemy, an antagonist right? It is the lifeblood of stories.

Christians burn Atheists

Baptist Burn Pentecostals

Republicans Burn Democrats

Straights Burn Gays

One race burns another.

of course their is a vice versus to all of these. It’s an endless cycle. It goes along with the quote about if we follow the “eye for and eye’ principle we’d all be blind”.

There is a similar theme in the movie The Witch where a family demonizes each other and suspicion leads to terrible things

I don’t subscribe to the idea that someone has to be my enemy in order for me to live a worthwhile life. I’m no Don Quixote. I burned my windmills long ago.

Now, we can’t all be right, I get that, but I don’t have to make enemies, on purpose, along the way. Life is hard enough without that.

Eli Roth explains here why The Wicker man is disturbing.

Scripture (Ephesians 6:12) tells me that the war I face is not carnal (physical) but spiritual. I fight against “powers and principalities” and “spirit of the air”.

I don’t fight racists I fight racism.

I don’t fight bigots I fight bigotry.

I don’t fight the poor I fight poverty.

I don’t fight religion I fight hypocrisy.

In my world, and in my relationships, no one has to metaphorically die or be burned on my blog or by my words to make my crops grow or to get more views, subscribers, or shares. No one has to be sacrificed to my God because a sacrifice has already been made.

I don’t have to tear someone down uplift myself.

I have never unfriended anyone because they disagreed with my,  only that they were obnoxious about it.

Different than me? Let’s be friends.



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