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Nerd On A Mission: 5 Ways You Can Help

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I am planning on my own missions trip this summer. I have never planned my own trip. It feels kind of weird. I am not leaving the country but I am entering a culture where I speak the language. This year I am going to one of the biggest Gaming Conventions in the country, Gen Con, to pass out New Testaments with

I have been a long time gamer and nerd, unapologetically. I love everything from Dr. Who to Munchkin the card game and all things nerdy in-between. I know this culture. I know many in this group are generous, kind people, who do not have the best view of Christ or his people. I’d like to play a small part in changing that through interaction, praying with people, and sharing God’s word. I  am going to Gen Con to give my self and my faith away to a group of people I strongly like and identify with.

So, how can you help?

1. Pray for me. Pray for open doors to share, finances, and the teams presence at over a dozen cons this year.

2. Find out more about my mission HERE and make a donation if you would like.

3. You could buy something (or a lot of things) from my store.

4. You could hire me through for multiple project.

5. Pray for me. Yeah, I know I said that twice but I know prayer is my best shot.

So, in which one of these ways are you most likely to help?

What is you favorite nerd topic? Sci-Fi-Fantasy? Comics? Games? Movies? Tell me about it.



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