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My Top Christian Albums of 2016

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You might wonder how I pick my albums of the year. Like most lists, my list subjective.  I do had a few questions I have to answer in order for an album to make my list.

  1. Can I listen to it the whole way through?
  2. Does it cover a non-conventional topics?
  3. Does it get my juices flowing?
  4. Is it lyrically challenging? (Word choice, metaphors, story driven, etc.)
  5. Is it spiritually challenging or thought provoking?

True, not all of these  albums meet all of theses standards but they do meet at least 3 out of 5, and that’s good enough for me.

Crowder – American Prodigal

Skillet – Unleashed

Trip Lee – The Waiting Room

Need To Breathe – Hard To Love

We Are Messengers – Self-Titled

Viktory – Tomorrow Came

Unspoken – Follow Through (Deluxe)

Wolves at the Gate – Types and Shadows

Thrice – To Be Everywhere Is To Be No Where

Da’ Truth – It’s Complicated

Michael Sweet – One Sided War

Bi-Frost Artists – Lamentations: Simple Songs of Lament and Hope

Dogs of Peace – Heel

Matthew Parker – Adventure

What am I missing?  Leave me your suggestion(s) below.



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