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My Thoughts On The Movie The Grey and Should Christians See It

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I am taking off my youth pastor hat for the next few posts because I would like to engage youth workers, other believers (or not), in a discussion about this movie. This is not a movie for teenagers, not that they don’t hear or see worse (because they do) but it is movie about thinking deeper and maybe about our faith as youth workers.

I went to the movies to be entertained not challenged, but I am glad I was.  The five major themes I thought ran through the movie were Manhood, Nihilism, Faith (or lack of), Death, and Perseverance. This is a movie you cannot just watch, you have to process. The director has taken away the audience’s safety net and we had to deal with real images and moments without the sappy music and scripted tropes.

The premise of the movie: Seven oil workers survive a crash and attempt to live through wolves hunting them and the frigid, unbearable, weather depleting their survival instant. It would be an understatement to say this was not the feel good move of the year. I don’t know what the directors intended, but all I can share is what I took from it.

The Five Themes


What is man and who does he face desperate times with other men.


I think each man, under the conditions, phased in and out of this thought process, but one man especially portrayed this attitude.


I do not think this movie was intend to make a statement about the God or the existence of God, but several scenes, and one in particular, gets your mind reeling.


How we choose to face death is up to us. We can lay down and die or we can stand up and fight.


What do you do when wolves are chasing you? I certainly took this as a metaphor for life.

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If you saw the movie or are going to see the movie, let me know. I will pulling scenes from my head and I would like your comments. If you are a Christian, and want to go se the movie, just be warned that this movie is about oil workers. They are rugged and the language is not misplaced or even one the top for this scenerio. I did not do an F-Bomb count, but it rivals Scarface’s 182. This movie is not about foul language, but about something deeper, if we can get past the language. Let me know your thoughts. Part II coming soon.

Richard Roepers Review of The Grey









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