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Lecrae Said Something And 18,000 People Lost Their Minds

10 · 05 · 16

So, Lecrae had a part in the 2016  BET Awards this year. LeCrae performed a spoken word that lasted about one minute and 10 seconds. In the spoken word he speaks of slavery, America, injustice, and the gospel and 18,000 people lost their minds on Facebook. That’s how many engage, commented, shared, etc.

Some lost their minds like this

The thing that disheartens me the most is that (white) believers are following this thread and I’m seeing the same responses that we see from (white) unbelievers. – Bob


But nothing he said isn’t necessarily wrong. It’s all true. And the man is a poet. Well done on an artistic level. – Sheryl

Other were like this

Lecrae we hear your lament about racism, but you sound like Public Enemy, Common and every other tired black conscious rapper who came and left but never made systemic sustainable difference in poor urban communities. – Jack


I’ve never cared for Lecrae but this just disgraceful. It seems he’s more concerned about being black than being Christian. He’s on a national stage at a secular (and some could argue, ‘racist’) awards show and instead of speaking about Jesus Christ and the forgiveness of sins, he talks about “nappy hair” and Obama “leading” us for two terms.           – Gregg

I agree with many who say, “You like Lecrae when he raps about Jesus but throw him away when he says anything else.”

I don’t own Lecrae. No one does. Not the Christin music industry, not the hip hop world, not the church. He belongs to Christ and all of us.

so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.           Romans 12:5

I love his music and it would be two faced of me to love the man conditionally. If I only love him, pray for him, and support him when he’s talking about Jesus, I am not any different than a Pharisee. If you love what he does for Christ, love the whole man, the black man, the poet man, the man that struggles and the man when he is victorious.

Lecrae, like everyone else has the right to grow, change, mature, and speak like everyone else. I have no idea what he goes through, but I can at least pray for Him that God’s will be done in his life. If we don’t have that much love in our hearts, you’re not even a fan, you’re a phony.

Keep it real everyone.


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