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Inspiring Movies About Youth Ministry Part 2

9 · 02 · 16

empire 2

A movie does not need to be Christian to be about youth ministry. What makes a movie about youth ministry?

There are kids who have problems.

There are caring adults who push through the teens hard exterior.

There is a moment in the movie that changes or at least challenges the perspective of the troubled teen.

There is resolution or at least respect among all parties.

The second movie in my series is called Empire Records. Empire records is about a struggling record store, called Empire Records, managed by a middle age man named Joe Reeves (Anthony LaPaglia) who manages a staff of teen employees. The struggle of the teens vary from suicide to criminal activity to just being angsty.

Joe bales this kids out, he cares, he listens, he advices and, yes, like in many movies, there are happy endings. The kids also minister to one another like in this scene of a girl, Deb (Robin Tunney), who’s cry for help ranges from cutting off her hair to trying to commit suicide with a a ladies bic razor. In this scene, Joe and the employees stage a mock funeral for Deb so she can hear what they think about her.

Caution: Language may be salty.

Empire Records will always have a place in my heart because it has a caring adult trying to, imperfectly, help kids find their way; just like the rest of us youth pastors.

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Have you seen this movie? What did you think of it?

Do you have a movie that speaks to you about or reflects the youth ministry journey?

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