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Inspiring Movies About Youth Ministry Part 1

9 · 01 · 16

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When I think about quitting youth ministry, I often think back over movies about teachers and the difficulties they face since they don’t make movies about youth pastors. This clip is of a 60’s movie called To Sir With Love starring Sidney Pontier. Spoiler: This is the end of the movie in case you want to watch it. Sidney Pointer plays an engineer who gets into teaching because their is no other job open. He gets a rough group of kids and sees them transform over a year. In the end he has a choice to make, take the job that has opened or stay at the school. This is how I’d like to picture my life but alas, it’s only a movie; but a great movie that has inspired me over the years. The choice does keep getting harder and harder though.

Do you have a go to movie when you think about staying in or leaving youth ministry?

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