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How New Youth Pastors Can Find Their Voice

Welcome to part two of my series The Five Plans Every New Youth Pastor Needs To Have. You can start at the first post here, If you like.

I started youth ministry by just reading my bible, praying about it and then teaching on what God showed me. There’s nothing wrong with that, it was all I knew and some might say that is the way it should be, but there are so many youth pastors who have not been to school or even been mentored on how to put a message together.

New youth pastors need a teaching plan.

Since many youth pastors are volunteers, there’s a healthy amount of imposter syndrome going around,

“I’m not a preacher”

“Who am I to teach?”

“I’ve never been to school”

“Are they even listening to me?”

These kinds of thoughts hitting a new youth pastor, every week, is draining. I know they drain me as well.

When Youth Ministry companies like Youth Specialties and Group started selling curriculum, I used some of them for weeks where I felt like I didn’t “have anything” to say, and you’ll feel like this, from time to time.

You should also play around with different kinds, styles, of lessons and curriculum until you hit one that feels right for you. Try different companies or individual who product curriculum, If it doesn’t work for you, bounce to something else.

The way I found my voice was through using curriculum and then giving myself permission to not teach it as written. The curriculum helped me lay a track to run on until I could hear the voice of the Spirit, build my confidence and write my own curriculum. The cirruculum gave me the runway I needed to take off.

Finding your voice and your style takes time, that’s why I have included 37 weeks of lessons in the New Youth Pastor Bundle and it will give you the runaway you need until you do find your voice. These lessons vary in tone and purpose from wide outreach topics for everyone to the very narrow topic of discipleship for believers.

The lessons also vary in weeks from one off messages to fill a gap between series’ to four weeks to six weeks series. You can plan them when you need them.

You may not want to create your own lessons for time sake, and that’s ok too; not everyone has the creative energy to do that, and thats where having 37 weeks of lessons comes in handy, it’s one less thing to think about.

I love this quote,

“You are closer than you think and more qualified in your message than you could ever fathom”
― Rebecca Campbell

God does not call the qualified he qualifies the called. If God called you, he’ll qualify you.

You will find your voice, your process, your passion, just give yourself some time and a whole lot of grace.

If you want to see what I think the number three plan youth pastors need, click here.

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