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#HighSchoolin5Words 25 Heartbreaking and Hilarious Tweets

9 · 07 · 16

High School

#HighSchoolin5Words was trending this morning. As I scrolled through, there was a collection of funny and sad tweets that reminded me of how much I hated high school. These tweets were from adults, college students, and high school students.
bring your changer and headphones

everyone is not your friend


Crap there’s a test today?!

100% not like the movies

Some days you just Survive

worst years of my life

Disney channel lied to us.

I miss elementary school naps

ayee bruh you got gum?

Where virginity goes to die

can I die now pls

I’m just trying to graduate.

I want to kill myself

You’ll learn to hate people

Well the books were free

Why is everyone so fake

What’s the answer to #1

Eyeroll, whatever. Ugh. Lame. Whyyyyy?

Not directed by John Hughes

Learned to forge Mom’s handwriting


Please remove me from locker.

Locker combination induced anxiety disorder

Honor roll but no friends

Youth Workers, let’s remember, if High School wasn’t hard for you it’s hard for some of your students, keep them in prayers today.

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