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Doing Our Job Is Not The Same As Caring

3 · 03 · 15

I don’t like dentists but not for the reasons you may think. Dentists are my penance for past sins. Drills, needles, pliers, all tools of a toothy inquisition. After my experience at the dentist yesterday, I dislike them because I felt like they only dis their job.

Granted, I wasn’t in the best of moods yesterday so I was a bit chippy, but I was wondering why I had to pay for visit to get some mouth rinse for something I knew I needed, a deep cleaning. Judge me if you like but I had no been to the dentist in over a year. Sorry, I was busy. I was chippy with the dental assistant, chippy with the the girl who examined me, and the response from her was “well, no one made you come in today.” That set my brain on fire but I’ve learned not to get angry with people who hold sharp or pointy instruments in close proximity to my mouth.

I knew I had to have a deep cleaning but they told me I had to have x-rays anyway. I asked them if they had reviewed my file and past procedures and seen my pattern of deep cleanings. They did not respond to my prying. It struck me as they didn’t care. They did not care about my pattern of poor dental care, they were there to do a job.

After the dentist came in and checked me out they told me I needed a “Debridement”. Which is one step above a deep cleaning. Needless to say, I was shocked and not a little embarrassed. I chalk this minor miracle, for which I am thankful, up to having quit drinking sodas and sweet tea last year which may have prevented me from crossing over to a more painful procedure. Look, they did their job, and did it well but I don’t think they cared about me or my concern that they were not concerned about my pattern of dental debauchery.

This is not a critical consumer review but an observation on how my personal dental care is reflected in or societal dealings. There are many people who do their job and do it well but why can’t we do our job and care at the same time?

Why doesn’t my dentist send me personal texts about flossing?

Why doesn’t my dentists offer an app that helps me stay out of his chair?

Why doesn’t my dentist reward me with a free anything for doing a good job?

I know, I am not a child. You may say I shouldn’t need any of these things to keep my teeth healthy, that I have a vested interest in a healthy mouth but could’t caring help me do that too?  In the broader sense, aren’t we all looking for people who’ll go beyond an exchange of services to an an exchange of caring?

Your Turn

In your daily business dealings, who do you wish cared more?

Where can you care more about the people you serve?

How can you up the value in what you offer others?

In my world we call it going the extra mile, what do you call it?

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