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Crazy Calendar Activities For Your Youth Meeting

There are so many National Day of This and Something Something Day of that and it’s time youth ministries started benefitting from it.

These are the best days, I think, youth ministries can take advantage of if your youth meetings fall on a Wednesday, like mine but you can always look at the day before and the day after to get inspiration as well.

The first Wednesday in September 2022 is September 7th.

These are some of special recognitions for this day,

  • National Grandma Moses Day
  • National Feel the Love Day
  • National Salami Day

For National Grandma Moses Day you could buy some “grandma clothes” from the thrift store and have kids make a Tik Tok or Reel with them dressed and acting like Grandma Moses who was an artist who started a new career painting late in life.

Since this falls on my youth meeting day, I would say,

“In honor of Grandma Moses Day, a day that celebrates Anna Mary Robertson Moses, better known as Grandma Moses, I thought it would be fun if we did something silly…

No disrespect to Anna Mary Robertson Moses, of course.

If you choose Feel the Love Day, you could integrate it into your message about how we should love one another or write affirming cards to one another about what you love about them.

If you choose National Salami Day you could play Football but with a Salami. You could also play hot potato or have a relay of some kind.

You can also look at the day before and the day after the 7th of September for inspiration.

September 6th special days include

  • National Read A Book Day
  • National Coffee Ice Cream Day
  • Great Egg Toss Day

If you choose National Read A Book Day you could say, “Did you know yesterday was National Read A Book Day? Well, in honor of the day…”

You could also tell your students to read the shortest book in the Bible which is Obadiah and is only 21 verses long. If you don’t want to do this as part of your meeting, why not make a Reel or Tik Tok about the virtues of reading the Bible or do a Bible Book Challenge.

You can also combine days by saying, “not only was yesterday National Read a Book Day, it was National Coffee Ice Cream Day and this will be our snack tonight.

For another game idea, you could say, “Ya know, in honor of yesterday being Great Egg Toss Day, we are having an egg toss tonight. Easy peasy.

Finally, you could look at the day after your meeting, for me it would be the 8th of September, and these are the things celebrate on that day.

  • National Date Nut Bread Day
  • Pardon Day

You could say, “You know what tomorrow is? It’s National Nut Bread Day and in honor of the day I have had one of our church members make us some Date Nut Bread to snack on”

You could use Pardon Day as part of your message.

On September 8, 1974, President Gerald Ford granted a very controversial pardon to ex-President Richard Nixon who was involved in something called Watergate.

Some believed he did not deserve a pardon, yet he received one anyone anyway. Choose some people from scripture like the Woman Caught in Adultery or the Thief on The Cross to use as examples of people who were pardoned.

Those are just a few of the days you can use, be sure to subscribe to the Youth Ministry Round Up Newsletter to get more ideas like this in your inbox and get a free guide to pulling off an Epic Nerf Gun Night.

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