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3 Things A New Leader Should Never Do

I remember standing in front of a group of young people and uttering the words “There’s a new sheriff in town.” How arrogant, stupid and self sabotaging was that?! Even though I said it in a joking manner, the underlying truth...

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Youth Ministry Round Up #125

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How To Slay Your Giants

I went to a conference for entrepreneurs called The Thing, in Nashville and I took a lot of notes. The forthcoming posts are my way of unpacking these notes and give insight to the pivot I feel is coming. Terry Weaver, the founder of The Thing,...

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21 Simple Side Hustles For Youth Pastors

These jobs aren’t just for youth pastors but they may be the most suitable. I know about many of these jobs because I’ve had to do them to make ends meet. Take a read through and see which ones might be for you. Funerals Put your name...

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I am many and one

I went to a 2 day entrepreneur conference called The Thing and will be sharing some thoughts over the next few weeks which I will call The Thing: Unpacked. Jeff Goins shared a quote from Anne Lamott, “I am all the ages I have ever...

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Three Roads To Youth Discipleship

All roads may lead to Rome but not all youth programs lead to discipled young people. Youth Pastors have all kinds of words to describe their youth program, some call it youth group, others call it youth ministry, some call it student ministry but...

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Four Reasons You Are Where You Are

“Why am I where I am?” Have you ever asked yourself that? I have, more times than I can count.  The question might pertain to life or career or your place in a club or organization.  On my way to church I came up with four...

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