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Asking is the Scary Part

3 · 07 · 13

I recently watched a TEDTalk by Amanda Palmer. She is a musician and artist. She gives away her music for free and trusts her fans. That is pretty scary stuff. What if her fans say no? She shares about several instances where she would tweet out and ask for a place for her and her band to stay to her fans. This is pretty scary, I mean, you have no idea what the house looks like, are there enough rooms, will there be food, etc. It’s pretty untraditional but her fans have not failed her yet.

Here is her talk here

Of course that got me thinking about what I do. I share all my resources for free with our Get It First subscribers, I post every day about ideas and concepts that my altar the way someone looks at God, themselves, or their ministry to young people. In the end I asked myself, “Do i trust my audience? And if I do, how much do I trust them. Which led to this video. below

So, there it is. I have put myself out there in the hopes I will hear from those who enjoy the freebies but also look to my blog for insights and inspiration.

I have until March 14th to update my blog. It’s not going away. I may have to scrape to get it done, but I’ll get it done. This is more about me being brave enough to at least ask you if you find what I do of value. If you do, would you consider donating? If you can’t that’s ok. It does not mean you do not value the resources or the time spent in creating a unique voice about youth ministry. Thanks again. I look forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to share your thoughts below about about the video(s) or tell me what you are afraid to ask for? What preconceived ideas do you have about the answer you might receive?


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