Since gay marriage became legal in in 2015, it got me wondering about the implications for how we cover this subject and others like it in youth ministry.

If you came looking for easy answers, you came to the wrong place; nothing but questions here. Maybe questions you’ve struggling with yourself.

The safe thing most churches do is ignore issues like this. The crazy churches almost burn their buildings down with the amount of fiery rhetoric they use to oppose issues like these.

These are the questions I have thought through and now I’d like to pose them to you

Does the Presidents now outspokenness on the subject make it more necessary for you to cover this subject in your youth group?

What are the current views of your youth group on the subject of gay marriage, and does it make it easier or harder to discuss it?

When you see students post on social media sites, in the affirmative or the negative toward gay marriage, do you feel compelled to like or comment? What are the implications if you did? 

Do you feel the media attention of this subject is “forcing your hand” to deal with it in your ministry?

Do you and your Pastor have the same opinion on the subject? If not, how is that working?

Do you have gay kids in your group( (or think you do) and does this affect the way you talk about the subject? How do you handle it?

If you have already taken the subject head on, no matter that side you were on, did it positively or negatively (or neither) impact your group?  

Our students deserve well thought out answer to these questions. If we’ll spend the time in prayer and the word. He’ll show us the way forward.

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  1. We’ve had teens struggling with their sexuality for several years now so when we hit these hot button issues we remember that we are to speak the truth in LOVE and GRACE! One thing we learned the hard way it that when we speak or lead discussions on something like this, is that we are not talking about a topic- we’re talking about people. The moment we realized that it changed how we looked at the issue. We’ve had some real discussions and look at the scriptures and we have students still sitting on both sides of the fence but the biggest benefit is that they are reading the Word and have real discussions.

    Just my 2 cents.


  2. When I think about this issue, I don’t feel like I need to press it anymore than its already being pressed. Instead I think this is an opportunity to speak about how we as believers should relate to our government. Too often I find believers using their faith to back their political party, and believe the way God makes a difference is through a political system. I support our government and believe God has a purpose for it, but I believe if we’re going to be used to make a true difference, the church needs to step up and start loving the world around it.

  3. Rob

    Hi, I have an openly gay 14yo in my group and a bi-curious 13yo. I knew that the teen was gay, but found it amusing that he had a “secret” to tell me and that he was worried about telling me. I assured him that I have heard if not everything under the sun, pretty close to it. He txt’d, I’m gay. I said “I know, but I still love you, and so does God.” I explained to him the Biblical stance on homosexuality and we had a good discussion about sin. I have shared with him that when I preach on the subject, I will most assuredly preach against the action, just as I preach against idolatry, theft, adultery, promiscuity and profanity. This set his mind at ease.

    I believe that the church has to be open to people like this, not adapt, or adopt their choices, not make allowances for them to sin among us, but I feel we need to show that Christ is the answer to most of the hurts that caused them to be gay in the first place. I would rather them know Jesus’ love than the church’s scorn. And I told him, when he’s ready to come out on Sunday mornings, I have his back all the way. I don’t know if that’s fully the right way to handle it, but that’s the way I handled it.

    By the way, in 12 years of youth ministry, this was a first for me.

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