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7 Posts About The Video Game Hatred Every Youth Worker Should Check Out

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In case you stopped by and have no clue who I am, I am youth pastor. That means I shepherd kids in their relationship with God. I am not for censorship but I am for education and that’s what this post about.

As a quick synopsis, before you dive into the posts, Hatred is an Adults Only  game from  Destructive Creations.  The game is available through PC on a platform called STEAM on June 1. The games focuses on the player becoming a mass murder.   There are no goals, no figuring out puzzles for gold coins or candy, no maiden to rescue or mission to accomplish, your only job is to hunt, abuse, and murder as many people as possible. It’s a nihilist paradise.

So, as someone who works with teens I’ve played COD, Battlefield, and other shooter games. I’m no prude, but, I owe it to the parents I serve to educate them that their teens my be searching for a way to play this game. My worse fear is that their will be plenty of fathers who will play this game and call it entertainment. If spending hours looking at a screen committing mass murder is your idea of entertainment that’s certainly your right, but I think  this kind of  “entertainment”, long term,  has a price tag that no family wants to pay.

If you are a youth worker you may hear the buzz from some of your gamer kids who may play Hatred and I wanted these articles t help you be knowledgeable about the game and its creators. If you are a parent with teenagers and your kids have the ability to access video games through Steam, these links are for your education so you’ll know what your kids may be into without your knowledge.

This is the trailer for the game. Caution: There is language

Can Video Games Be Too Violent? Caution: Some language here as well but the discussion  evokes some great questions.

Geeks Under Grace – Watch Through 3:21

If you are looking for something a little more positive, watch my interview  with GameChurch founder Mikee Bridges and his love for gamers and the gospel.

Blog Links

Trailer For Disturbing Mass Murder Game, Hatred, Stirs Controversy- PC Magazine

On Hatred The Video Game – Gamer Assault Weekly

Meet The Creator Of This Years Most Hated Video Game – Motherboard

The Video Game Morality Questions Raised By Mass Murder Simulator, ‘Hatred’


Your Turn

Do you think this game has gone too far?

Is it any different from any other violent video game?

How would you talk with a kid who plays Hatred and likes it?



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