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I am always looking at new apps and how they may serve the local church. Anchor is my new obsession and I am trying to find a sweet spot to use it within my church. College and Career might be the right group for us, I’m still testing and I’ll get back to you on how it’s working.

Anchor is basically a voice version of Twitter. Each question and response is called a wave. Each wave lasts up to two minutes. Here are some of the features of Anchor

  • You can post a verbal question and receive verbal answers.
  • You can share your question (wave) on Twitter and Facebook.
  • You can embed the whole conversation to your website.

The app favors the verbally nimble so you can use this app to give your talkers another way to talk and share.

Now, how do I envision using this app with my college and careerĀ  group? Here are a five ideas I am mulling over.

Ask Cultural/Spiritual Questions and play the waves back forĀ  your group to get the discussion rolling

Ask a question, tagging your group in the question and get feedback quickly on events or meetings.

Use it for what anchor calls #opengames and make your wave a game like this wave about movie quotes

Make it devotional and let people respond to a scripture or a passage

Use it for a quick 2 minute motivational talk.

Using new tech can be scary but it can also open up new opportunities.

Oh, and if you decide to give the app a try, don’t forget to follow me.

Your Turn

What do you think of the Anchor app?

What possibilities do you see for using the anchor app with your church?


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