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I don’t know how many youth ministries will be talking about what is happening in Baltimore this week with their youth groups but I understand it can be hard to react this quickly. My hope is that youth ministries from every color on the spectrum will take a moment this week and pray for what is happening and formulate a plan to tackle tough subjects with their kids. Here’s a list of 25 themes I drew from the event that might inspire a teaching, a service project, a sermon, or battle cry:

Dealing With Injustice in Our World

How To Handling Conflict

What Is Oppression?

Leadership: Making The Right Decisions

How To Stand Up For What You Believe

Respecting Authority

Racism: What Is It And How To Avoid It

Media Coverage: How Does It Impact Your Perception Of Race

How To Deal When We’re Angry

Poverty: Serving Those Less Fortunate

The Destructive Power Of Hate

Parenting: Teaching Our Kids The Right Way

Trusting God In Tough Times

Is Violence Ever the Answer?

Am I My Brothers Keeper?

Loving Our Enemies

Loving Our Neighbors

How Did Jesus Protest?

Judge Not: Shut Up Until We Know The Facts

Unity: Coming Together For Positive Change

Praying For Change In Our Cities

Servant Warfare: Prayer, Kindness, Love, Action

Being Peacekeepers In A Time of Chaos No Greater Love: Laying Down Our Lives

Finding Your Calling: What Can I Do About This?

Your Turn

How can our ministries better incorporate these themes to make a difference?

What theme would you add?  Add yours below.

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