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21 Days To Developing A Holy Habit of Hustle

9 · 02 · 21

Hustle. In means to move faster and work harder than everyone.People of faith might be the worst at hustling. I can testify to that. I thought that because I prayed and read my Bible, God was going to do all the heavy lifting and like Pedro promised in Napoleon Dynamite, “all your dreams will come true” It doesn’t work like that.

Jesus said,

As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.

John 9:4

I believe God’s people should pray like it’s all up to God and work like it’s all up to them. When I first started watching Gary Vee, he had his own show called The Gary Vee show on Youtube. He answered all kinds of business, marketing, and social media questions. His media presence has adapted and changed over the years but he still spits out great content and advice.

One of Gary’s quotes about hustle is, “It’s not about how much sleep you get but what you do when you’re awake.” You don’t have to work 24/7 but you have to stop doing dumb stuff that interferes with your goals.

So, what does a believer like me (or you) have in common with a potty mouthed, Jets loving (Go Giants!), business evangelist like Gary? Simple,

We both want to make people better.

We both want people to succeed in business/life.

We both believe, strongly, and have convictions.

We both preach with passion and fire.

I watched 161 episodes of the Gary Vee show, and these devotions are what I drew from just the first 21 episodes and thus was born 21 Days To Developing A Holy Habit of Hustle for Christian Entrepreneurs

What Gary is preaching is not far off from the spiritual truths found in the Bible. There’s nothing new under the sun, only variations and secular echoes of spiritual truth. Each devotion I share features a quote from Gary, verses from the Bible, a breakdown from me and a Hustle Habit to start.

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