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18 Reasons Christians Should Tip 18%

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Full disclosure, I was a waiter in a swanky restaurant and I have feelings about this. I saw this article on Huffpost. A Pastor wrote this smug note on his receipt about giving God 10% “why should I give you 18?” I’d like to  answer his question and the questions we should ask, “Why should we tip the appropriate amount and above?”



1. The waitress may actually need the money. Our “gift” helps them live.

2. We were born to be a blessing II Corinthians 9:8-12

3. We could be blessed ourselves. “Give, an it shall be given unto you.”

4. We could be a light “You are the light of the world.” Our waitress or waiter may need some of that light. They need to see the light of people doing the right thing or above an beyond so they can have a little hope in human race again. If we blow it, we should go back and make it right.

5. It is more important our waiters know we care than they know we are pastors, or even christians. They will know we are christians and disciples by our love.

6. We have a responsibility to live right in this world. “To whom much is given, much is required.”

7. We are being an example to those sitting at our table. We may not be touted for our generosity but we will be outed for our cheapness. I wonder what the pastor in question will be preaching on this Sunday.

8. If we do not have a practice of generosity, it could impact our testimony in our community. It’s not “what would the neighbors think of me?” but rather “what would be our neighbors impression of the God we serve?”

9. We communicate that we love money more than God.

10. If the reasons we do not give is because tithing is more important, we show ourselves to be Pharisees. Matthew 23

11. Not giving (tipping) devalues the work of the person serving us. Honor the work and the worker. A worker is worth their wages.

12. Jesus gave 100% of his life so we could give do the same.

13. It feels good. What difference between this attitude and the attitude of Aaron who’s dying wish was that his family tip $500 to their waitress. Just because.

14. It shows our thankfulness and gratefulness for a job well done.

15. It’s called the economy. We should help it along.

16. You’ll spend that 18% somewhere, maybe on something less worth while.

17. It will make God smile instead of cringe.

18. We will be marked as good stewards and good citizens with a good conscience.

That’s it. If you go out with a large group, tip well, it’s probably going on your church credit card anyway (Pastors) If it is just yourself, tip even better.



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