I wonder if the Lord get’s more excited about some who’ll stand in the judgement line before Him than others. I mean, God’s excited to see everyone who’s coming his way and maybe a little disappointed with the ones who’ll be taking a different direction, but I’d like to think the Lord would have a special place in his heart to meet  youth workers. Maybe he’d hold up the line a little bit, put his arm around them and share a moment with them knowing many of them had gone through a similar experience as he did in regards to presenting a new way of thinking or their radical style of getting thing done. Thankfully, here are some of the statements we may have heard in this life but we won’t be hearing in that face to face moment with the Lord.

Tell me about your numbers in your last youth meeting?

Don’t be late to staff meeting again

Deal with this situation.

You have to make youth group fun or kids will quit coming.

Outreach? Why would we want to do that?

Clean the van and get that funky smell out before the seniors use it.

You know you offended Sister So and So with that message, right?

Why did you have to reach those kids?

It’s not in the budget.

The music is too loud.


Now, I know that these are only a few of the statements /questions we hear as youth workers but the good news is we’re still only going to hear only one thing from the Lord, “Well done good and faithful servant” and maybe even get a high five.

Your turn:

What’s  the one statement you’re glad you won’t be hearing from the Lord?






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