Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.  James 1:22

Turn Your Meetings Into A Movement In Three Steps

The Disciple Project is about raising up a generation of doers.

The Disciple Project is a comprehensive discipleship program that releases you from dreaming up a better meeting and propels your students into God’s mission. Disciples are not made in meetings, they’re made in the doing of the gospel. I can get your movement started in three steps.

Step One

I want to talk to you about what keeps you up at night, your biggest struggle. Let me help you solve your biggest youth ministry problem and let’s see how The Disciple Project can help you. Use the contact form at the end of this page to set up your absolutely free call.

Step Two

Let’s take the next step and let’s really get under the hood to find out what’s broken in your discipleship process. We’ll schedule a series of coaching calls working through a D-360 Assessment, a comprehensive look at all your youth ministry programs, your relationship to the church, the community and even other ministries in the church.

As part of the coaching process you will receive a weekend of training for you, your students, your volunteers, your parents and your pastor.

Step Three

This step includes quarterly on site check ups, training resources, a Disciple Project Weekend, continuous coaching and training.

If you’re tired of not seeing the fruit of your hard work, if you want to see your youth ministry grow, if you want to make more disciples and less spectators, start your journey from meeting to movement by contacting me below and let’s talk.