Soul Wars: Winning The War Within

There are some projects that just mean more than others. Not since I wrote The Hunger and Thirst Games have I been so excited and proud to put something into the hands of youth workers. I labored and prayed over this material for months and  … [Read More...]

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The Path To Unintended Destinations

Tweet     I was reading about Darren Shaper’s trial and sentencing today. He said something that kind of shocked me: “I still don’t know why I lived my life right for 38 years, and then I took this path.” I find this little hard to believe. Do we just “take a path” one day? […]

Kaepernick’s Stand

Tweet Picture Source I love the protester. I applaud the rebel. I love guys who puts it all on the line. And yet, I don’t know how I feel about Colin Kaepernick. The fact that Colin is a pro-athlete should not prevent him from expressing himself, but he knows it has repercussions. His actions affect […]

Youth Pastor Round Table: The Power of Planning

Tweet   My Co-Author, Ryan Latham and myself, sit down and talk about some of the principle of our upcoming book Prepared For Impact. Enjoy.