New Three Week Sermon Series: Transformed

    I wrote Transformed because I wanted kids to see themselves as works of art in progress. They are unfinished, but no less beautiful or valuable. In this three week series we cover the transformations of people like Paul, … [Read More...]

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Church and The Magic Trick According To The Rev. Bruce Springsteen

Tweet   I have not physically been to Bruce Springsteen concert but I hear it is just like a church service. Some spiritual and transcendent happens. The way he describes his concert is not too far off  on how we should look at church. Listen to how he describes “the magic trick” (it starts at […]

#HighSchoolin5Words 25 Heartbreaking and Hilarious Tweets

Tweet #HighSchoolin5Words was trending this morning. As I scrolled through, there was a collection of funny and sad tweets that reminded me of how much I hated high school. These tweets were from adults, college students, and high school students. bring your changer and headphones everyone is not your friend LET ME C YO HOMEWORK! […]

Three Keys To Good Mentoring Practices From This Mel Gibson Movie

Tweet     This is one of my favorite Mel Gibson movies, after Mad Max, Road Warrior, and the Lethal Weapon series is Man Without A Face directed by Mel Gibson. Kidding aside, this is my favorite dramatic role by Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson plays a scarred, inwardly and outwardly, former teacher, Justin Mcleod. He’s […]