New Five Week Sermon Series: Dear Bible

  This series was a real passion of mine. I so desire kids to love the Word of God (Logos) and to listen for his voice (Rhema) that I took to writing this series. As with many messages we preach, they have their desired effect for a time but … [Read More...]

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Repeat After Me

Tweet I want to affirm you before you walk into your next youth meeting. Why? Because so many of us go into our youth meetings with such a lack of confidence in ourselves and in God. Many of us stand before our students feeling ill-equipped to help them; but it doesn’t have to be that […]

The Prisoner, The Prodigal, and The Empty Chair

Tweet     First, welcome back Sting. I heard this song a dozen different ways, but the song is written for the documentary Jim,  about a missing photo journalist James Foley. He was held capital captive and eventually beheaded, but as Sting explains, he fought for food and blankets for his fellow prisoners. Before I […]

Defining The Wins In Youth Work

Tweet     For very one victory you hear me share about our youth ministry on Instagram, or any other social media platform, there were 10 hours of work,  prayer , relationship building, humbling, planning, designing and more. Ten hours, by the way,  is not a magic number, its just my number and I am […]