Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.  James 1:22

The Disciple Project is about raising up a generation of doers.

The Disciple Project is a comprehensive discipleship program that releases you from dreaming up a better meeting and propels your students into God’s mission. Disciples are not made in meetings, they’re made in the doing of the gospel.

The Disciple Project Is Less Meeting, More Movement

I spent 30 years preaching to students to go out and live their faith, some did, most did not. One of the reasons, I believe, is because many of them had no practical model of serving others or sharing the gospel. In other words, they never had chance to actually do what the gospel asks them to do because they were too busy in a meeting.

This is why I chose to “cancel” youth meetings in favor of rallying students behind one cause. Rather than have a calendar of hit and miss events, I chose several months a year to get everyone focused on one strategic outreach a month and everyone find their place in making it happen.

In addition to the one a month outreach, we had other service projects that allowed students to use their gifts to meet needs in the youth, in the church and in the community,

The Disciple Project is what your youth ministry needs

  • To get kids DOING the gospel
  • To make your community aware your youth ministry/church exists
  • To grow your youth ministry
  • To make disciples

How can I help you?

  • I can come and teach your leaders the Five Core Principles of a Disciple and how to build a youth ministry around them.
  • I can train your leaders how to lead a successful outreach and follow up.
  • I can help you develop a Disciple Project Weekend, One Month Blitz or help you make The Shift to a yearly disciple making process.

For more ways I can serve you, e-mail me at

What can you do?

Pray about what needs to change in your church/youth ministry to make more disciples.

Buy the book, and see how The Disciple Project can work with your ministry.

Watch me break down my book, The Disciple Project, in my Youtube Livestream.

What you receive in The Disciple Project Outreach Manual

• The five core values of a disciple

• The difference between youth group and youth church

• How to change from a meeting to a movement

• Discussion sheets

• Over 100 outreach ideas

• Complete blueprint for doing a Disciple Project with your youth ministry

Stop your meeting and start making disciples.

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