Soul Wars: Winning The War Within

There are some projects that just mean more than others. Not since I wrote The Hunger and Thirst Games have I been so excited and proud to put something into the hands of youth workers. I labored and prayed over this material for months and  … [Read More...]

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I Should Hate The Chewbacca Mom But I Want To Be Just Like Her

Tweet   I’ll be honest. I usually hate these viral stories. They get on my nerves because I see it everywhere.  My Facebook and Twitter Feed get clogged with the video itself and all it’s renditions.I should have thrown up when Kohl’s sent her a ton of Star Wars stuff to here and her family. […]

The Drop Ep. 2: DJ Kirk, Livre’, Jason Fowler, Sean Feucht

Tweet   I have just uploaded Ep. 2 of my new show The Drop where I examine the newest Christian Music and who you can use it in your youth ministry. Here’s the newest episode (don’t forget to subscribe) Here’s the Spotify playlist

12 Principles To Creating Extreme Ownership In Your Youth Ministry

Tweet       Former Navy Seal, Jocko Willink, shares thoughts on ownership in the military world but it’s easily translatable to the ministry world. Here are the top 12 things he said that should matter to you if you want to create real ownership in your youth ministry. You can watch the video HERE […]