Book Review: Get Your Teenager Talking by Jonathan Mckee

Have you ever had a conversation with a teen that went nowhere? Yep, me too. My go to question for a struggling conversation is  "Do you like monkeys?".  That elicits some laughter, which breaks the awkward tension, but it does not take us to much … [Read More...]

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Youth Ministry Nirvana

Tweet I experienced a moment yesterday at church that had me thinking I was having an out of body experience, a glimpse of Youth Ministry Nirvana. I was shutting down the church, as I normally do, checking doors, clicking lights etc. and as I walked into the sanctuary I saw a group of young adults […]


3 Reasons To Take Your Youth Group To See God’s Not Dead

Tweet   Warning: Spoiler Alert I took some students to see the movie God’s Not Dead. I have to by honest, I did not have high expectations going in based on previous Christian movies I had seen. This is going to be my positive post where I do not come across as a cynical jerk. […]


Thursday Morning Quarterback : How To Deal With Angry Parents

Tweet   It’s Thursday and maybe you had some drama in your youth program last night. Did I say maybe? There’s always something going, sometimes it’s big, sometimes it’s small, and sometimes it’s nuclear, like an angry parent.  I have had my share of conversations with parents who were not happy with me because of […]