Greatness Awaits: New Six Week Curriculum To Give Your Kids Hope

Greatness Awaits was inspired by this Playstation Commercial. The curriculum is called Greatness Awaits and was inspired by the Playstation commercial, but it's deeper than that.  I think that phrase "Greatness Awaits" is what God says to anyone … [Read More...]

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Youth Ministry Nirvana

Tweet I experienced a moment yesterday at church that had me thinking I was having an out of body experience, a glimpse of Youth Ministry Nirvana. I was shutting down the church, as I normally do, checking doors, clicking lights etc. and as I walked into the sanctuary I saw a group of young adults […]


3 Reasons To Take Your Youth Group To See God’s Not Dead

Tweet   Warning: Spoiler Alert I took some students to see the movie God’s Not Dead. I have to by honest, I did not have high expectations going in based on previous Christian movies I had seen. This is going to be my positive post where I do not come across as a cynical jerk. […]


STEPPS 3 : When People Care They Share

Tweet     The third  STEPPS principle Jonah Berger shares in Contagious is : When People Care, People Share. How much do your kids care about the youth ministry? You could ask your teens, “How do you feel about the youth ministry?”  but those can and do change daily based on …well… everything. One way […]