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Youth Ministry Meeting Mania

With the new Ant-Man movie, Quantumania coming out, now is good time to plan your own mania night. Mania is just a way to say “hyper focused” on an idea or event. Whatever idea you choose, go all in on it.

5 Mania Meeting Ideas

Music Mania

  • Play name that tune (or name that toon)
  • Play musical chairs
  • Do a music based bible study

Gameshow Mania

Matthew Mania (as in the book of Matthew)

Ani-mania (anime)

Mega-Mania – Go crazy by going big


Yes, a whole night dedicated to the letter M.

Here’s how I’d plan my meeting (see, already off to a good start)

Games that begin with M

Physical Games



Messy Food Games with M (either to wear

Video Games

Madden football

Mario Kart

Major League Baseball (could be physical if you do whiffle ball)


Worship Songs that being with M (see my Spotify Playlist)

Messages (5 M topics)

Mending A Broken Relationship


Marriage In An Age of Hook Up

Making Friends

Mystery of the Gospel

Meeting Food Ideas

Macaroni and Cheese

Mashed Potato


Moon Pies

Meat Loaf


Milk Chocolate

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