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Youth Ministry Goal Setting Course

4 · 07 · 21

Everyone has a plan until they’re punched in the mouth – Mike Tyson

You had a plan for youth ministry in 2020. How’d that go? Right. 2020 was the biggest punch in the mouth to the plans of everyone on the planet including your youth ministry. You had to answer questions like

  • What is Zoom?
  • How do I create an online service?
  • When we do get back together, what are some social distance friendly games?

You answered these questions. You had to set new goals on the fly. 

Give yourself a hand, but do it quickly because things will change again.

Whether it’s a new year, new quarter or new month you can have new goals and Squad Goals is here to help

Each morning, for seven days, you’ll receive a lesson that will include a devotion, links to articles, worksheets, quotes and a goal setting sheet to help you align or re-align your goals and expectations with the reality of your ministry. 

Setting goals are important. Setting goals are even more important if you want to build a successful youth ministry. 

For a dollar a day you’ll receive a daily dose of wisdom and challenge to set, and achieve, the right goals for and with your squad of young people, parents and pastor. 

The units are as follows

  • Day One: Setting The Right Goals
  • Day Two: Aligning Your Goals
  • Day Three: Gospel Goals
  • Day Four: Pastor Goals
  • Day Five: Parent Goals
  • Day Six: Personal Goals
  • Day Seven: Student Goals

There are no easy answers and no short cuts. The work you put into each of these lessons is what you will get out of it. 

Now, go set, plan and execute on those God-inpsired goals!

Click here (or the graphic above) to purchase the Youth Ministry Goal Setting Course and start building a successful youth ministry.

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