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Why We Need More Priests On Hover Boards

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I recently read an article on priest who rode a hover board, during mass, and sang a Christmas song while doing it. Take a look.

The Diocese of San Pablo, Laguna punished the unidentified priest, but why?

The powers that be said,

“It is the Church’s highest form of worship,” they said. “Consequently, it is not a personal celebration where one can capriciously introduce something to get the attention of the people.”

God forbid the church should get the attention of the people.

For all the negative attention the Catholic church has received over the past 10 years you’d think they celebrate the spontaneity and creativity of a priest, but then again we are talking about the Catholic church.  They’re not exactly the harbingers of change or innovation we it comes to the church service.

I agree that all churches should have limits in calling attention to themselves. The role of every church is to call attention to Christ and his love for us. This is what I think this Priest did. In essence, this priest said,  “I get it, and I get you.” Jesus, the Son of God, sat on dirty floors, washed dirty feet, and touched sick people. All things that “some people” thought took attention away from God. The only problem was, He was God and he was trying to show them, “I get it, and I get you”.

Watch the people in the mass. They applauded. They were thrilled to be in church with a representative of Christ doing something that connected with people. I think about the kids in the parish who saw this. I can see their eyes light up and go, “Wow! I’m in church. How awesome is this!?”

Do I think the priests actions took any worship away from Jesus? I don’t think so, but then again I’m not Catholic anymore. But had I seen more priests on hover boards while singing Christmas songs in church I might still be.

Your Turn

What should be the church’s (any church) role in “getting the attention” of people?





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