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Who Drives The Bus Journaling Prompt

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Think about your church’s or your organization’s staff. Imagine you are all driving in a bus or van.

Who’s driving? Why?

Who’s sitting next to the driver? Why?

Who’s sitting in the back? Why?

Can anyone make suggestions about where to go or how to get there?

Is there driver going to fast? Why do you want them to slow down?

Too slow? Why do you want them to speed up?

Is the driver hesitant, unsure of where to go? Why? How can you help them?

If you’re the one driving,

Who do you want sitting next to you? Why?

If you were assigning seats, who would you sit in the back and why?

Can anyone suggest a course of direction? Why or why not?

Have you been told you are going too fast? Why?

Too slow? why?

Are you sure of where you are going? What assistance do you need?



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