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What If You Were Georgia Tech Passionate?

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I saw this video this morning and now want to go to Georgia Tech. I don’t want to go to Georgia Tech to be an engineer. I want to go to Georgia Tech because of this guy who addresses the incoming freshman at Georgia Tech (and maybe because he said I could build an Iron Man suit if I wanted to.).

Can a youth ministry that has money, facilities, and a full time youth pastor fail? They can and it may be because the person leading it is not passionate enough. There is no substitute for passion. Take my budget, my facilities, and my church credit card, but do not take my passion.

The young man in this video is passionate. As  I heard one newscaster say,

“it reminds me of a moment in Revenge of the Nerds where there is this epic moment and then people did not know what to do with it. There are a few claps and then a roar.”

Fair enough.

This is an Engineering School. It’s math and science. I hate those things, because I am not good at them, but Nick Selby, (the guy in the video) makes me want to at least try to attend.

The Gospel is filled the passion. Jesus was passionate about life, redemption, and His Father. What if we presented the Gospel the way this young man shared his passion for Georgia Tech. What if we shared our passion for the ministry the way this young man did? You don’t need the music, although it might not hurt, but you did need a strong conviction and passion share it

Take this test

On a scale of 1-10 What is your passion level

a) for Jesus Christ

b) when you preach

b) for the ministry

c) for your favorite sports team

Any differences?

There should be.

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