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Vote For the YM Podcast You Deserve: Intro Music

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If you did not know, I am starting a podcast soon. It’s a new challenge and I think it’s a more casual format to share thoughts on youth ministry, culture, etc. and my hope is that you’ll be a part of it.

In round one the Fresh Faithful (The Fresh Impact Newsletter subscribers) voted on the logo and this is the one they chose


Round two is now under way and we are taking votes on the intro music. I have put some links below where you can listen and vote on the one you like best. This intro is not forever, it will morph, change, evolve, etc. with time but I think it’s good enough to start with. Thanks to Jay717 on Fiverr  for doing the voice over.

Here are the three choices:

Podcast Intro 1


Podcast Intro 2


Podcast Intro 3


Now for the voting

[polldaddy poll=8846047]


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