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Top 10 Youth Ministry Fundraisers

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Let me start by saying that I don’t like fundraising. I do it for only two reasons, which are probably yours as well, Camp and Missions Trips.

To be honest, fundraising is exhausting, but good trips heal all wounds, right? I’ve done several fundraisers over thirty years but these are my Top 10 Best Youth Ministry Fundraisers

1. Selling Fireworks

This was a pretty easy deal. The company we used set up the tent, we provided the security in the form of a trailer to load and unload the fireworks. We usually cleared $1,200 to $1.500.

2. Walk For Missions

Every Easter, for years, the youth ministry did the Via Dolarosa. We did a 26 mile walk in two days. Kids got sponsors per mile and usually made, on average, around $100 to $150 dollars.

3. Dinner Theater

This is huge undertaking but it’s the most gratifying. This took the whole youth ministry and created some great memories. We have several performances over a weekend including a luncheon after service. This was a ticketed event and we usually made around $1.200.

4. 5k Run

This was new one for me this year but it was pretty easy. The key is getting T-Shirt sponsors. If I can get 20 people to sponsor the event by getting their same on the shirt, that’s $1,000. Each runner registered at $25 and $6 of that went to purchase the shirt. We cleared around $1.200-$1,300.

5. Church Wide Yard Sale

On average we score around $700 to $1,000 and earns participants around $50 a person.

6. After Church Luncheon

This is not a ticketed event, instead, we ask for donations. The key to success is offering take out trays. This is usually good for about a minimum of  $500

7. Build A Base of Donors

Pure and simple, I ask people. There are always people in our church who want  to help and I make sure to give them opportunities to do from putting commitment cards in the bulletin to personal phone call.

8. Servant Auction

This fundraiser is not a huge money maker per se, but it allows kids and church members connect. We auction off kids based on their abilities such as babysitting, yard work, etc. I think this also affirms kids because people are bidding over them. I set the initial price starting around $25-30.

9. Christmas Tree Sales

We did this when we lived in Florida and had pretty good success. Of course, sales peaked when it was slightly colder. We usually made around $1,500 total.

10. Valentines Banquet

We’ve done this as a variety show and dinner where we had several kids sing and do dramas. We even had Elvis (our children’s pastor) show up. We’ve also done this as a murder mystery which one over great!

This is a ticketed event at $15 a ticket or $25 a couple. This is not only a great fundraiser (around $1000) but it’s a great way to encourage the body of Christ to gather and fellowship.

Do you have a favorite fundraiser? Feel free to leave your idea below.

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