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Tips To Re-Launching Your Youth Ministry

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Re-launching is a big deal and how you go about it matters because, as they say, you can put a diamond ring in a big’s snout but it’s still a pig. Don’t re-dress the pig, change the animal.

There are a few scenarios to this.

The new guy who follows the old guy who was great

Don’t touch anything for a while.

Listen and watch, a lot.

Ask students questions like “What do you like about this youth ministry? What would you change?”

Pitch ideas to individuals and small groups. Raise the flag and see who salutes.

The new guy who follows the old guy who stunk

Everything is open to change, but don’t change everything too quickly.

Continue to watch and listen by acting quickly on the small pieces of info you pick up on.

Invite students to be a part of the change. Let them put their fingerprints on the program.

The youth pastor who feels like the ministry needs a reset. 

Ask “Why are we re-launching?”

What was so bad about the old way we did things?

How will the re-launch fix that?

You can’t re-launch a youth program without re-launching yourself.

What will be new about you? New attitude? New process? New way of connecting with students?

What will be new about your program?

[bctt tweet=”New name? New logo? New mission statement? This is not re-launchng that is re-branding and doing things the same old way. ” username=””]

What will you and your team create that is new to students that get them thinking and engaging with the gospel in new ways?

We recently changed the way we enter into worship. Instead of me praying before we go into worship I ask students to get into groups of 4-5 and pray for 3-4 item I have on the screen. I ask them chose one person in the group to pray for each thing. This is a mini re-launch without evening announcing that we are re-lauching.

What are the new ways the program will allow kids will grow in their faith?

What are the new ways you will do follow up?

What are new ways you will do discipleship?

What new ways will you be communicating with students and parents?

How will you communicate all this newness to your youth ministry? In one long boring speech or small changes over time initiated by you or better still, by a student.

Jesus did a re-launch of sorts. The first model of discipleship was Jesus  and 12 guys. The re-launch was Pentecost. I am not here in the flesh anymore, but I am sending my Spirit to empower you. Jesus said this was a good thing and prepared his disciples for it,

But very truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Advocate will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you. John 16:7

The main question in re-launching your youth ministry is not, “How can we get more students?” or “How can we make our ministry more attractive?” but “How will this be better? ”


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