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Three Terrific Toothpick Games for Youth Ministry

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Simple is too complicated a word to use to describe how easy these games are. Using a toothpicks and a minimal amount of supplies, you can have a blast with your youth group.

Porcupine Marshmellow

All you need are toothpicks and a pack of life savers.

Tooth brushes and toothpicks. Participant lay a toothpick on top of a toilet paper roll and then attempt to pick of the toothpick with the toothbrush and place it on the next toilet paper roll in line. Have as many rolls and toothpicks as you have people.

Bonus: Toothpick and Nutella Challenge

Guys eating a small jar of Nutella with a toothpick. Who knew this was a thing? You can slap a spoonful of Nutella or regular peanut butter in a Dixie cup for the same effect. First one to finish, wins. I would bring out a spoon, make a big deal and then say, “Ya know, this seems to easy, let’s make it more challenging” and bust out the toothpicks.

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