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There Is No Pre-Requisit To Following Jesus

8 · 08 · 18
There are no pre-requisties to following Jesus.
Jesus never said,
You have to know certain Bible verses.
You have to be good enough. 
You have to have it all together.
You have to be a “in good standing” member of the synagogue.
You have to know the right people.
You have to be well versed in religious buzz words.
You have to believe Jesus is the Son of God (they discovered this along the way)
He asked none of this when he asked his disciples to follow Him. There was no interview. He just said, “Follow me.”
But, if you’re going to follow Jesus, He does ask that you, “take up your cross daily”  Luke 9:23
And, if you ask Jesus, “Can I follow you?” because you think it might be fun or cool or to fit in or because you think you are worthy to do so, Jesus does have a history of saying things like, 
“sell all you have” Mark 10:21
“let the dead bury the dead” Luke 9:60-62
“No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:60-62
Jesus separates the self-righteous from the honest seekers. 
Listen for his voice today, and if you hear Him say, “Follow Me”, Drop what you’re doing because He’s taking you on a grand adventure.

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